Friday, March 19, 2010

There is no proof that I can Die

We see birth, We see death of innumerable people as time passes.

We hear people talking about the birth of a baby/ We learn about the passing away of someone. We personally take part in some, witness some.
Some other day there was a Tsunami, another day there was an earth quake. Thousands perished. So we hear. We see it on TV. body bags being dragged around.

This is how we come to know and understand the birth and death of human beings. By hearing about them, by witnessing them. So we also conclude since I was also born similarly, I will someday pass away in one of the innumerable ways. Death is inevitable. So it seems.

Now, do we have the personal experience of birth? are we aware of our birth? No one can ever say that yes I remembered my birth. So my birth itself is a story that I come to believe. Even a documented story is still not proof enough. Because I am seeing that story only in the "Now". There can be absolutely no concrete proof for it happening in reality. What if this is all one big reality show?!

So, there is really no first hand proof for my birth! And since I do not and cannot have a first hand proof, but yet I have the first hand direct proof of my existence, this implies that I have to be birth less. Birth less or Beginning less is an interesting concept. It implies deathless , or endlessness.

So there is no proof for the possibility of my death. This is not the same as saying I have innumerable births and hence I am eternal. What this really implies is, for the very me as this human in flesh and blood itself, there is no proof that I will die.

I see people born, and dying all the time. but that is no proof that I was born and I will eventually die!

Of-course this argument appears absurd. That is purely because we have either not bothered to question how we learn and know things, or we have come to accept certain things as not knowable.

While in axiomatic theories such as mathematics this concept of fundamental premise that we assume to be true without attributing any real meaning is necessary, it is not possible to live with such premises in the real world.

We can of-course use such aids to begin the investigation, but eventually either those assumptions must be proven , or made irrelevant.

While this argument that there is no proof of my death, is extreme it is not illogical.

Having established that I cannot die, I ask myself, “So what?”, “what changes?” This argument simply means “I cannot die”, but the fact that I experience others dying and being born, implies there will be nothing different about the world, just because I cannot die.

However, this exercise of abstracting what I observe and who I am, and finding the absolute difference in them I realize I am not part of what I observe, and all the things that I observe simply happen to appear to me.

A deeper question of each such phenomena leads to the questioning and discovery of who I really am.

Knowing who I really am, and knowing what the world really is, liberates me from the duality of this world.

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