Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wormholes, space, time and event horizon

Interestellar is a fascinating movie, with great visuals and intriguing concepts and is a good science fiction movie in a while. stories such as these capture the imagination , and expands our experience. It takes us into possibilities beyond the ones that we are accustomed to, and when stories are told very convincingly toeing along the lines of science pretty closely, we loose track of what is possible and what is not.

Can we travel in time?, are there higher dimensions?,what happens when we get to the event horizon of a black hole? wouldn't it be anomalous if we aged slower than others? can we travel vast distances across the Universe through wormholes? These are fascinating questions, that might very well motivate people to eventually realize these. Some in the near future, some  further down. We cannot rule any of them out. 

When Galileo pointed to the planets and said they were worlds like ours, people thought he was insane. A little spark and burn down an entire forest, ideas are more powerful and leads people on journeys that alter life. It is amazing to see how the world evolves, how change is constant.

As an individual living in a certain point in time, some times one may feel, overwhelmed and  very meek. So many new possibilities, and life and time seems running out. Questions haunt people, such as what would the world be in a century from now?, How will my daughter look like when I am gone? what happens to our beautiful loved ones when they say good bye and leave us for good? The more intensely one contemplates, the more emotional one becomes.

Coming back to wormholes, time travel and black holes, while new discoveries are made, they are but an iteration of this fractal Universe. The more closer you look, the more it generates details. It generates as we look, and not independently. No matter how believable this whole world is, its but an illusion. It breaks down physically into an anomaly of wave and particle, energy and matter and, into a vast nothingness of space.

The only reality is the present Now, and the awareness of I. no past, no future, no here and no there. when time and space dissolves into a constant singularity, travel in present becomes impossible, leave alone travelling in time. Parmenides tried to explain this to the world and his pupil Zeno did very well with his paradoxes. Yet the fascination to chase fractals keeps people engaged and entertained.

Knowing this leaves the mind at rest from the anxieties of missing  a future, resulting in a joyful present.