Saturday, March 13, 2010

How many are there actually?

In the Quest for Myself, after a significant investigation and probing, I can find that I do not exist in the world that I perceive. Sounds Strange indeed.

Now , Who am I first of all? By definition "I" am the one that is the true Me. the changeless, Observer. Everything that I can observe, is not me. Observation is nothing but an awareness of existence. I observe a painting, I observe a book. I perceive the book, I am aware of its existence. so I am not this book, or that painting.

Because, anything that I can observe, and I can perceive, is independent of the true Me, since if we remove it, or make it non-existing, I still exist.

This if I continue to do to my Body, Life, Mind, Intellect, Experience, ad infinity, I conclude that I cannot be anything that I can perceive.

OK. fair enough. .. Then lets go figure out where this non-perceivable Me is? What is non perceivable? what is un-Observable? it goes back to the question of What is perceivable, what is Observable?

In order to be aware of the existence of anything, we need to perceive it. Primarily we depend on our sense organs for sensory perception. Only objects that have certain properties can be sensed by these organs.

We can classify all such objects as sense objects. So we can say all sense objects fall under the observable category. Then there are things beyond sensory perception . Thoughts, Ideas, Emotions... I do feel their existence at times. They do create a certain experience.. and they do have intellectual content. "Red is a color". Though this may not create any emotional experience, there is information. This thought is distinctly different from " The Sky is Blue" thought. the information distinguishes these two thoughts. So we can say information is the property which makes thoughts observable. As we continue this route we can conclude that any object is Observable only if it has some property.

The property can be anything, sensory such as color, smell, taste, shape, sound, texture, etc, or non-sensory such as location, time, information etc.

So for any object to be Non-Observable, then we can say, it should not have "any" property whatsoever.

But every single thing on this world that we exist, has some property of some sorts. All sensory objects have clearly their respective properties. all non-sensory objects such as thoughts also have properties of information, time or space. this simply means that there are no Non-observable objects at all in this Universe.

This leads us to the alarming conclusion that "I" am not in this Universe.

But I do exist. Don't I? Yes I do. Else who is doing this thought exercise?!!
This will lead me to the conclusion that the Universe that I experience is a different order of reality.

What is interesting further is that, This same experiment can be applied to each and every human being! It will be found very easily that the true Self, in each and every individual is not present in this Universe at all.

Ok .. all sounds fantastic. each real "I" is in their own separate order of reality, while this Universe is some sort of a virtual reality playground.

Here is the most interesting part. the "I" is property less, meaning it cannot have anything that will make it Observable, or distinguishable. non-temporal and non-spatial, non-anything! How many such "I" can actually be there?! if there are two of them , say I1 and I2, there is the suffix "1" and "2" this contradicts the property less-ness!

Well I can say I and I ! can't I? NO!! the two Is are separated in this document distinctly in space!! No matter how much I try it is impossible to have two non-property-less objects.

So there is only One and that is Me !

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