Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Difficulties of Knowledge

Knowing is a difficult process. 

To know that everything is made of atoms does not happen intuitively. A long painful process of observations, contemplation, looking deep, building sophisticated equipment, and accidental discovery and many more things are involved in arriving at this knowledge.

Understanding life, the world, the Universe is a very unnatural process. No living being spends so much time and energy as the human in the process of accumulating knowledge. Most of our knowledge serves the basic purpose of existence or living such as eating, sleeping, procreating and entertaining. We gather more and more knowledge that will eventually aid us in these basic needs.

As vast amounts of time passes, our knowledge has sophisticated beyond the ordinary. Abstractions such as mathematics and computer instructions dominate a large part of our world. Our probes into every aspect of this physical world, has resulted in vast amount of complex structures of information.

In this day and age defined as the information era, it is obvious we are building a behemoth called knowledge. We want an explanation for everything, want to know the reason behind things, we are relentlessly pursuing the control of everything, an ability to be able to manage life at the most atomic level.

In all of this, we do get disconnected with our primary self, a simple body and a simple mind, that simply craves to exist without sophistication.

Letting go of this necessity to know, the need for explanations, the craving for a 'cause and effect' relationship and an endless pursuit to control our lives is liberation and enables us to get back to our original state of joyful existence.


  1. Rather intrigued by the idea of getting disconnected with self; wonder how, if at all, it is possible for one to get disconnected, with self - You can get disconnected from friends, close relations, even your kins....and go to the Himalaya's - but the self comes with you, can't get rid of yourself, can, however much you tend to despise self - if it is possible that is - to despise self.

    1. In fact most of the time we are disconnected from our true self. We identify ourselves with our body, mind, thoughts and ideas and emotions. This results in us being in a particular point in time and space. We begin to believe these are our 'self'.
      When a kid buys a fancy bike, the kid thinks he *is* the bike. so we all are. patriots think they *are* the nation. so we say we are disconnected from our true self, which is beyond all of this. It is merely the simple awareness of existence without the boondoggles.