Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Often times we hear the term Survival. At times we say 'Survival is difficult', then we say 'Survival of the Fittest'. etc. Survival at the most elemental level, is merely the ability to live biologically. All living things are born, they survive and eventually die. The survival is an instinctive thing. It was so for humans too. Henry Thoreau, in Walden, was very clear when he defined Survival. Survival is natural and hence the efforts were natural.

Beginning at the beginning, Hunter-gatherers 'Survived'. All their actions were aligned with this need for Survival which was of utmost importance. Civilizations expanded and evolved largely based on this need to survive. All great Civilizations thrived along river banks. Since river gave water and water gave food.

We have evolved from that basic need for biological survival to far more sophisticated survivals.

Today's needs are also based on Survival. Survival however has taken a new meaning. 
For an athlete, Survival is not biological existence, but being the fastest man on earth. He has to Survive being the fastest man.

From merely Surviving, the need has shifted to Surviving 'As' X. and X can take infinite avatars. From Being the Powerful person, to Richest Person, to Beautiful Person, to Famous person, to the most Knowledgeable Person etc. And strangely this X keeps changing too.

This world is a beautiful place, and existence is such a beautiful thing. Mere existence is beautiful. As we observe the movement of the Universe in apparent time, there are endless events of endless possibilities. When this need to 'Survive As' is traded for just 'Survive', or in other words, from the necessity to 'Be As',  becomes to a simple 'Be', we wake up.

We realize that our true self is merely Being. Everything else moves, everything else changes, evolves, grows, attaches, detaches, gets born, dies, but the Self does not. It simply Is.

Realizing this truth, when the necessity to 'Be As' is eradicated, The Self is realized, the truth known, the Phenomenon is separated from reality, The endless Summer of Joy begins.

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